Early Head Start is a weekly home visiting program helping parents and caregivers understand how much they are already doing for their children, how vital their contribution already is, and how important they are. EHS helps them to be confident, and helps them to understand how their children learn and grow, bonding and attachment, and that they are their children’s first teachers. EHS builds the relationship between the parent and the child, and supports it by supporting the parent.

EHS helps pregnant moms, and parents and caregivers of children ages 0-3. The program consists of weekly visits, group events twice each month (where parents meet and talk with other parents in their community about parenting), and periodic assessments about how the child is developing (things the parent should focus on, look for, etc). The program has a focus on school readiness for both the child and the parent.



Residents of Scott, Carver, and Dakota Counties are eligible.

To apply:

Please complete a Head Start/Early Head Start application and check the box indicating Early Head Start.

Please download the application, fill it out on your computer, then email your completed application to [email protected] as an attachment. Please be prepared to provide proof of income.

Please call Early Head Start at 651-322-3500 with questions or for help completing the application.


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