Help Feed Our Neighbors

Too many of our neighbors are missing a meal. The face of hunger is not what some people might expect. Many seeking food assistance in Minnesota have jobs, raise families, work toward education and struggle with health problems—like many of us. Unfortunately, difficult trade-offs have to be made to provide enough food for their families. Hungry is everywhere – in rural, urban and suburban areas, of every age and background. Hungry children, working adults and seniors are living all around us – and they need our help.

Children, including more than one-third of K–12 kids in Minnesota, rely on free or reduced-price lunches at school. Many did not have breakfast this morning or dinner last night. Being hungry makes it tough to concentrate at school and stay focused on their daily lives. When school is not in session we experience a higher demand of need at our food shelf.

Working adults in lower-wage jobs may face tough choices – pay the rent or buy food? They feel the constant stress and anxiety of not knowing how they will feed themselves or their families. Over 70 percent of those using CAP Agency’s food shelf are currently employed.

Seniors living on fixed incomes are fastest-growing population reliant on food shelves and Meals-on-Wheels. They often hesitate to ask for help, and are the ‘hidden hungry’ in our neighborhoods. CAP Agency provides over 100,000 meals to seniors.

We depend on people like you. Join us as partners in our work to close the missing meal gap by donating funds, food or volunteer time. Together, we can give our neighbors the food and hope they need.


Help Close the Missing Meal Gap

A few dollars, a few pounds of food, or a few hours volunteering is all it takes to make a difference.
Choose what works for you, based on your expertise, talents, interests and resources.


Donating money is an efficient way to bring food to your hungry neighbors. For every $1 donated, we are able to purchase $9 in food through the food bank. Every contribution is valuable and no donation is too small. We make it easy to make a monthly or one-time gift.

Host a Food Drive

Collect food for the CAP Agency. We welcome foods donations from businesses, groups or individuals. The more people who come together, the more meals we can provide. Organize a food drive and make an even greater difference. For information on hosting a food drive, Click Here.


Give your time and talents by sorting and repacking food, working with individuals and families or providing other support. We offer convenient, fun volunteer opportunities for groups, individuals and families.
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