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Michael Foods Support Carver Food Distribution

Michael Foods began donating food to the Carver County food distributions in April 2020, supplying eggs, potatoes, and many other food items to families in need. Recently, on Thursday, January 26th, we supported a large food distribution event with Chaska Food Distribution and Carver County working with our wonderful 25-plus volunteers. Despite the cold, there was lots of laughter and fun at the food distribution in Chaska. Together we provided food to 460 households and 1371 people. Nearly 180 cars went through the line.

Our goal is to continue to eliminate food insecurity and provide culturally appropriate food across our communities. The CAP Agency will continue to support free food distributions twice a month throughout Carver County in Norwood Young America and Chaska. Our CAP Agency also supports weekly food distributions in Burnsville.

These events are open to anyone, are drive-thru and contact-free, and people can pick up from multiple households. The food offered includes a variety of dairy products, meat, produce, bread, and dry goods.

To learn more about this partnership, click the link to view Michael’s Foods video. Michael Foods Distribution Video 


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